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Futura foreign currency: The euro continued to rise £ slowed down

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  British debt futures fell yesterday on the progress to solve the debt crisis in Europe is expected to heat up, so that the safe-haven assets under pressure, but on the Bank of England further purchase of Britain's debt is expected to boost long-term debt. Among them, the September settlement price of the UK government bond futures fell 26 points, to 118.81, than German debt futures fell 87 points. To this end, analysts said the German debt is more sensitive to the development of the debt crisis in Europe and the United Kingdom will implement more quantitative easing policy is expected to support the English debt, before the British debt to outperform the German debt. According to the minutes of June 6-7, 2009, published by the Bank of England policy meeting, the bank will approve another round of monetary incentives.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday that the rescue plan to buy state treasury bonds of the euro zone crisis is still theoretical, pending further discussion.维尼泽洛斯, Greece, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement Party leader, announced to the Conservative Party led by the Greek government has been formed. In addition, he said it would establish a working group to re-examine the EU and the IMF assistance program, to prevent the country into bankruptcy.
Broad Bant, a member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), said yesterday that the improvement in the outlook for inflation, the short-term economic outlook has worsened the situation, the introduction of the possibility of more monetary stimulus increased. Bank of England released the minutes of the June meeting to support the expansion of the number of members of quantitative easing scale from 2 to 4, Governor Mervyn King also joined to support the expansion of the QE camp.
Analysis of major currencies:
Euro against the dollar: the euro is rising channel, broke through the 1.27 level, the figure shows an upward trend in the MACD day the same, it is recommended that the minimum interval 1.2721-1.2621 buying, the effective Powei 40 point stop, the upper limit of the target in the range. Is expected today, the euro volatility in between 1.259-1.276.
U.S. dollar against the yen: the yen continued to shock in the 200-day and 125-day moving average, and temporarily dropped the 125 moving average support, buy, recommended minimum interval of 80.01-79.11 effective Powei 40 point stop loss, target range limit. Is expected today, the Japanese yen volatility in between 78.9-79.9.
GBPUSD: British Pound slowed down, up bogged down in the 125-day moving average, that is, 1.578 front-line, RSI indicators showed moderate fluctuations, it is recommended that the maximum interval of 1.5771-1.5651 sell effective Powei 50 point stop loss, target range lower limit. Expected Today pounds volatility in between 1.567-1.579.
Australian dollar: AUD temporarily in the 63 day moving average run, RSI indicators in overbought territory amendment, it is recommended that the maximum interval of 1.0221-1.0131 sell the effective Powei 40 point stop loss, target the lower limit in the range. May consider in 1.023 above the profit-taking, is expected today AUD volatility in between 1.015-1.025.
USDCHF: The Swiss franc was modestly higher, to maintain among the short-term rising channel, but the upward momentum is not strong, it is recommended that the maximum interval of 0.9511-0.9441 sell effective Powei 40 point stop loss, target the lower limit in the range . Is expected today, the Swiss franc volatility in between 0.944-0.954. Agency sources: of Valbury Richwealth Group

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