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The FXBTG foreign exchange: a stronger dollar in Africa and the United States or back down

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  Market Overview
Fed Open Market Committee said in the policy statement of June, the Committee decided to extend the current implementation of "selling short-term debt to buy long-term debt" to reverse the operation to the end of 2012 to further purchase of about $ 267 billion six-year and 30 treasury bonds, and three-year period of the sale of the same size in the same period or plan of a more short-term government bonds, while maintaining the principal amount at maturity of the mortgage-backed bonds to invest in MBS, and maturity of government bonds to return the funds to reinvest existing policy.
Bernanke said, "The Fed will be economic to provide continuous stimulus measures, if necessary, prepared to take further initiatives to promote economic growth, and to support the employment market. We still have considerable room to take further action to assist the economy, including the expansion of assets balance sheet. "
The President also pointed out that "the Fed's new policy initiatives can not be rushed launch, we need more information about economic conditions and development of the European situation as a basis for further action."
Boston LPL Financial investment strategist and economist John Canally said, "the Fed's action is fully consistent with our expectations, slightly extended to reverse the operation, and if deemed necessary, they may take action, but I speculation that the third round of quantitative easing ( QE3), political risk is too high, they want to maintain the flexibility to take action when necessary. "
Continued the pattern of short rebound in the euro daily, 4 hour chart average long array, the MACD fell, the KD down callback trend for long, prices are still rising trend line, price volatility after yesterday, today, start downstream, 30M MA upcoming turn empty days suggests short-based, 1.2685 near approach of the radicals, with a stop above yesterday's high, below the rising trend line holds, such as at night have been unable to fall below, then leave.
Pounds Date Line average short order, MACD rose, the KD Sicha of sync empty movements; the 4H diagram average long array, MACD fell, KD down, synchronization is not empty movements, re-bearish trend. 4-hour chart average long array intact, short days also need to be cautious.

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