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ForexTrading: U.S. distort the operation to increase the shock movements in Europe and America

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  Thursday (June 21), the Federal Reserve under the command of the Federal Open Market Committee announced that the 0 - to 0.25% of the low interest rates will remain to the end of 2014 the same at the end of the two-day meeting. Without any hint of the Federal Reserve will launch a further quantitative easing policy, but to distort the operation will be extended, the amount of $ 267 billion. FOMC meeting statement that, in recent months, the slowdown in employment growth, unemployment remains high, the long-term inflation outlook remains stable. Market watchers had widely expected the Fed will try to do something to promote the economy faster growth, but how to achieve this goal, the Fed will be differences of opinion.
Addition PASOK leader Venizelos, the Greek part of the parties to form a government to agree to a coalition government including the New Democratic Party, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement Party and left-wing Democratic Party, all three main political parties supported the continuation of the Greek aid agreement . Venizelos also said that Greece's new government cabinet composition will be discussed in the evening of the 20th local time, current key issue is the establishment of an aid agreement with the EU to renegotiate the working group. In fact the Greek crisis in the euro area far less than euro zone's third largest economy in Italy and Spain. According to the British "Daily Telegraph" and "The Guardian" reported that the EU leaders will announce the size of € 750 billion rescue fund to buy government bonds of Spain and Italy, two countries, driving down the cost of financing between the two countries, in order to achieve the purpose of relief between the two countries .
The United Kingdom in the last meeting on interest rates on the 6th to the 7th of this month, the Bank of England has not made the surprising decision of the authorities to keep interest rates unchanged at a historical low of 0.5 percent, did not announce a new policy of quantitative easing . However, from the Minutes of the documents released on the 20th to discuss interest rates, a considerable part of the decision-makers hope to increase the size of QE in the month. The documents show, led by Governor Mervyn King, a total of four decision-making members voted to support the expansion of the acquisition plan is currently £ 325 billion of assets. Decision-making members to support the expansion of the QE 25 billion to 50 billion pounds. But in the end there are five decision-making members voted against this proposal was eventually rejected.
Euro against the dollar: the opening price 1.2679 Zuoshou price of 1.2680, the lowest 1.2665, the highest price of 1.2683, the latest offer 1.2672. Early maintained at 1.2700 near the bottom of wandering. FED (FED) No QE3, lead to overnight movements of the exchange rate turbulence. The Fed overnight announced the extension to reverse the operation (OT2) for the cycle to the end. The move was widely expected, the U.S. dollar short-term advantage of this opportunity, the euro/dollar fell to 1.2640. Since then, the dollar quickly rebounded to move up to 1.2700 above the maximum touched 1.2737, again dropped to below 1.27.
Australian dollar: the opening price 1.0192 Zuoshou price of 1.0194, the lowest 1.0181, the highest price of 1.0194, the latest offer 1.0189. The morning was maintained at 1.0200 near the bottom level of consolidation, overnight the dollar touched the highest 1.0222. Technically, the Australian and U.S. rebound 5 with Yang, the exchange rate of continuation of the rally since early June, but the cumulative increase has been more than 6%, there is the risk of profit-taking.
USDJPY: opening price of 79.42, Zuoshou price of 79.44, the lowest 79.37, the highest price of 79.50, the latest offer 79.47. Morning at 79.50 near the level of consolidation, overnight the dollar to hold above 78.60 front-line support and a strong rise. Technically, the US-Japan located in the 10 day moving average, MACD indicator red kinetic energy column to expand, KDJ indicator upward.
Today concerned about the data:
09:30 Australian Fed's June quarterly report; market impact ★
14:00 Switzerland in May before the balance of trade value of 1.33 billion Swiss francs; market impact ★
15:00 Swiss National Bank to release its monthly report; market impact ★
15:30 Germany June manufacturing purchasing managers' index value of 45.2; market impact ★
Before 16:00 the euro area in June manufacturing purchasing managers index value of 45.1; market impact ★
16:00 Eurozone June services purchasing managers' index value of 46.7
16:30 England in May retail sales value of -2.3%/month, -1.1%/year; market impact ★
18:00 England in June CBI Industrial Trends Survey
20:30 Canada May leading indicator of the value of 0.3%/month; market impact ★
20:30 Canada April retail sales value of 0.4%/month; market impact ★
20:30 Canada April core retail sales value of 0.1%/month
20:30 U.S. claims for unemployment benefits on June 16 value of 377 000; market impact ★
22:00 May U.S. Conference Board leading indicator of the value of 95.5; market ★ ★
23:00 euro zone finance ministers meeting
23:30 Bank of Canada Carney speech institutions Source: ForexTrading

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