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Read the Federal Reserve resolution: June payrolls data into QE3 "fuse"

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  Wednesday (June 20) of the Federal Reserve (Fed) interest rate decision, announced the extension of the reverse operation of the (OT), but no mention of the third round of quantitative easing (QE3). At first glance it seems a good QE3 really thereon getting further away from you? If you look carefully interpret the news conference remarks in a statement after the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (Bernanke), you will find the actual situation is far from it. QE3 still clenched in the hands of the Fed, which may be allowed to reposition itself in the killer most likely be announced in early July next June payrolls data.
Federal Reserve: the job market still is heart disease
Announced on June 1, U.S. payrolls data showed that non-farm jobs increased by 69,000 in May, an increase of invasive lowest since May 2011 and the unemployment rate rose for the first time since June. After the dollar plunged. Fed QE3 expected then warming. Minister of the United States Department of Labor (DOL) Solis was once said that the current unemployment rate is unacceptable, Congress must take additional measures.
Continues to this day, the employment data in the United States has always been no improvement. The U.S. Labor Department data released last Thursday (June 14) As of June 9, when claims for jobless benefits increased by 0.6 million to 38.6 million, exceeding the expected 375,000.
In fact, to recapture the vision a little further, the United States in April, announced in May payrolls data is also a substantial difference than expected. Ten just the other aspects of economic data, so that the eyes of the market to shift. With the U.S. economic data in the full-blown recession in June, the problem immediately apparent out. This is why the market of the monetary policy meeting of the Fed may further release loose voices so high.
In the overnight Fed rate decision, the Fed also specifically have expressed concern. The Fed in recent months, the U.S. economy continued to show steady tendency of the expansion, but the economic data show a slowdown in employment growth, unemployment rate remains high.
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said at a regular press conference, "The Fed will be economic to provide a continued stimulus measures, if necessary, prepared to take further initiatives to promote economic growth and to support the job market and we still have considerable room to take further action to assist the economy, including the expansion of the balance sheet. "
Bernanke said that the job market is still a big worry for the overall economic recovery, the unemployment rate is still too high, and the rate of decline is too slow. If no job market to improve, the Fed is prepared to take further initiatives. The Fed will focus on the job market indicators to determine whether the job market continued to improve. <>

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