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Greece's new cabinet came out assistance programs or change

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  China news agency BEIJING, June 22, the new Greek Prime Minister Samaras Local 21 announced the new cabinet is complete. Most outside attention of the Secretary of the Treasury post by Vassilis (Vassilis Rapanos), La North, the National Bank of Greece Governor as.
Ya News Agency reported that the day before the newly sworn in Prime Minister Samaras with the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Pan-Xi Club in the early morning of the 21st SPLM), the leader of the Democratic Left Party and the Rapa Northrop met. After the parties have reached an agreement in principle, the day of the meeting was smooth, the parties to determine the list of the Cabinet and to discuss future economic policy in Greece.
PASOK leader Venizelos and leader of the Democratic Left Party Kuweilisi said earlier that the two of them and where the political party members will not be new cabinet positions. , In accordance with the Ya Newswire published a list of all 17 ministers, with the exception of the five technical bureaucracy, and the remaining positions by the new Democratic members as
According to reports, the new cabinet will be sworn in that night. Subsequently, the new cabinet will hold its first meeting.
According to the Wall Street Journal reports, Samaras, 21, said the new government will ensure that Greece continues to remain within the euro zone. Meanwhile, the new government will also re-modify assistance programs.
La North, aged 65, the new finance minister is a professor of economics, the famous banker. According to the U.S. Fox News reports, La Northrop taught at the University of Athens, of excellence. Since Greece joined the euro in 2001 has been working in the Greek financial sector. British Broadcasting Corporation said that his economic policies are more inclined to the idea of ??PASOK.
On the same day, German Chancellor Angela Merkel sent a letter to Samaras congratulated his election, and hope to resolve the current crisis in the next one with him. In the letter she said, "Greece is going through a difficult time, we look forward to you and your government to take Greece out of the woods, I would like to wish you good luck!"
Reuters Samaras cabinet successfully, but the new Democrats in the new cabinet the vast majority of the involvement of other parties, which would greatly reduce the decision-making capacity and efficiency of the new government.
Fox News believes that solving the debt problem will never like the cabinet so simple. For Samaras, to complete a four-year term may be his top priority.
21, a new round of euro zone finance ministers meeting in Luxembourg. The euro zone finance ministers are expected to put pressure on Greece in this meeting, urged Greece to continue to implement harsh austerity measures. German Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann, 20, reiterated that Greece wants to continue to get loans from the "Troika", we must return to austerity, deficit reduction path. (End)

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