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Lin Yifu: China's economy will be the rapid development of 20 years2012-06-25 22:06:20
Lin Yifu: China's economy will be the rapid development of 20 years, Lin Yifu, the outgoing World Bank chief economist for the first time in public speaking
Long Run Alumni Auditorium, yesterday afternoon, held in Yingjie Exchange Center The theme of this large auditorium welcome Justin Lin victorious returned. Justin Lin also speak in public for the first time, described his optimism on the Chinese economy, he claimed that this optimism comes from a pragmatic judgment rather than blindly patriotic. He predicted that the high-speed development of China's economy will be 20 years, by 2030 China's per capita income reached 50 percent of the U.S. economy overall size will be twice the size of the United States in the world before 500
Eurozone finance ministers to talk about the long and short term worries2012-06-25 22:06:58
Eurozone finance ministers to talk about the long and short term worries, the euro zone finance ministers in Luxembourg on the 21st closing, focused on the plight of the Greek debt, the Spanish banking crisis "near future", and plagued the euro area and the EU's economic, financial and financial integration, such as "long and short term."
This is the second round of elections after the Greek Parliament, the finance ministers of the euro area first Greek caretaker government Finance Minister Barzani Elias gave a presentation on the financial situation of Greece, said the new government will continue to work to stay in the EU and the euro zone . Euro Group Chairman Juncker said the euro group hopes Greece's new government as soon as possible to invite the European Union, the IMF and
Analysis: the risk of currency fell sharply Moody's lowered the number of banks, rating2012-06-25 22:06:35
Analysis: the risk of currency fell sharply Moody's lowered the number of rating bank foreign exchange market Overview: In this period, the risk of currency fell sharply, the dollar index to rise steadily. International rating agencies Moody's (Moody) lowered the rating, including a number of large banks, including Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and HSBC. European Central Bank (ECB) management committee member Nowotny (Ewald Nowotny) refused to play a role against the austerity policies in Germany. Nowotny said, when the financial crisis, central banks are thought to be to avoid the mistakes of the 1930s. Bank of England (BOE) Monetary Policy Committee member Will (Martin Weale
RMB against the U.S. dollar close to the "lower limit" to break through the 7-day repo rate to 4%2012-06-25 22:06:17
RMB against the U.S. dollar close to "limit" the seven-day repurchase rate to break through the 4% "hard to borrow money. "This is the mantra of many inter-bank market traders. And last week the money market interest rates rose, highlights the tension of the end of the end of the quarter and six months market funds.
June 21, pledged repo rate inter-bank market is opening sharply higher, 7 days varieties rose sharply by over 90 basis points to 4.38 percent, which is the variety rate of more than 4% for the first time since April 6, level of interest rates was about 4.23%.
At the same time, the central bank this week to continue the suspended central vote, only 20 billion yuan 28 days and 50 million 91 Tengen repurchase operations, due this week
U.S. Commerce Secretary Bryson announced his resignation had been involved in a traffic hit and run incident2012-06-25 22:06:01
U.S. Commerce Secretary Bryson announced his resignation had been involved in the traffic hit and run incident earlier this month, suspected of involved in Traffic Accident U.S. Commerce Department Secretary John Bryson 10-day "vacation treatment after 21 announced the resignation of U.S. President Barack Obama has accepted his resignation.
Bryson said that this decision is because of the recent seizures as well as the consequences of sick leave. "This is a crucial period of China's economy. In a formal resignation letter addressed to Obama on Wednesday, "Bryson said:" I have concluded that I suffered, June 9
Epilepsy may be to me as Minister of Commerce will bring distraction to change the (Commerce Department) leadership
Greece's new cabinet came out assistance programs or change2012-06-25 22:06:27
Greece's new cabinet baked assistance programs, or will change, the China news agency BEIJING, June 22, the new Greek Prime Minister Samaras Local 21 announced the new cabinet is complete. Most outside attention of the Secretary of the Treasury post by Vassilis (Vassilis Rapanos), La North, the National Bank of Greece Governor as.
Ya News Agency reported that the day before the newly sworn in Prime Minister Samaras with the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Pan-Xi Club in the early morning of the 21st SPLM), the leader of the Democratic Left Party and the Rapa Northrop met. After the parties have reached an agreement in principle, the day of the meeting was smooth, the parties to determine
Eurozone PMI in June in three years low2012-06-25 22:06:44
Eurozone PMI to create three-year low in June, 21, the latest data released by research institutions of the European Data Markit showed that the initial value of the euro zone manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) in June was 44.8, a record 36 months low less than the market expected value of 44.9 as well as on the end of the month value of 45.1; June euro zone services PMI initial value of 46.8, better than market expectations of 46.4 and 5 month-end value of 46.7; the month the euro area PMI initial value of 46.0 in May comprehensive PMI final value unchanged in the past 35 month low.
Markit chief economist Chris Williamson said, June Eurozone PMI initial value
Distort the operation intends to extend to the end of the Federal Reserve ammunition power decreasing2012-06-25 22:06:18
Distort the operation intends to extend to the end of the Federal Reserve ammunition power diminishing, Ben Bernanke, letting the mobility of "drug addicts" disappointed! In this week's Fed policy meeting, Bernanke did not schedule announced the third round of quantitative easing (QE3). Instead, the Fed intends to distort the operation (OT) to extend the period to the end of the year, and expressed its readiness to take further action if necessary.
The QE3 door is not completely closed
Beijing on Thursday (June 21) morning, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced a June interest rate decision, would distort the operation (OT) extended to the end of the year, the amount of $ 267 billion.
Read the Federal Reserve resolution: June payrolls data into QE3 "fuse"2012-06-25 22:06:43
Federal Reserve resolution read: June payrolls data into QE3 "fuse", Wednesday (June 20) of the Federal Reserve (Fed) interest rate decision, announced an extension to reverse the operation of the (OT), but no mention of the first three quantitative easing (QE3). At first glance it seems a good QE3 really thereon getting further away from you? If you look carefully interpret the news conference remarks in a statement after the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (Bernanke), you will find the actual situation is far from it. QE3 still clenched in the hands of the Fed, which may be allowed to reposition itself in the killer most likely be announced in early July next June payrolls data.
ForexTrading: U.S. distort the operation to increase the shock movements in Europe and America2012-06-25 22:06:18
ForexTrading: U.S. distort the operation increased shock movements in Europe and America, the Federal Reserve on Thursday (June 21) under the command of the Federal Open Market Committee announced at the end of the two-day meeting that the 0 - to 0.25% of the ultra-low interest rates will remain unchanged at the end of 2014. Without any hint of the Federal Reserve will launch a further quantitative easing policy, but to distort the operation will be extended, the amount of $ 267 billion. FOMC meeting statement that, in recent months, the slowdown in employment growth, unemployment remains high, the long-term inflation outlook remains stable. Prior to market watchers generally expected, the Fed will try to do something to promote the economy faster growth, but they are at the Fed
The FXBTG foreign exchange: a stronger dollar in Africa and the United States or back down2012-06-25 22:06:50
FXBTG foreign exchange: a stronger dollar Africa and the United States or back down, the market profile
The Federal Open Market Committee policy statement in June, the Committee decided to extend the current implementation of "selling short-term debt to buy long-term debt" to reverse the operation to the end of 2012 to buy about U.S. $ 267 billion six-year, 30 government bonds and plan of the same scale for three years or more short-term government bonds sold during the same period, while maintaining the principal amount at maturity of the mortgage-backed bonds to invest in MBS, and maturity of government bonds to return the funds to reinvest existing policy.
Bernanke said, "The Fed will provide continuous economic stimulus measures, such as
Fed heavy attack whether the of ot2 or qe3 two factions differences between market reaction was muted2012-06-25 22:06:24
Fed heavy attack the of of ot2 or qe3 two factions differences whether the market reaction was muted, the election of the precious metals market in Greece, the European debt crisis and the G20 summit, the trend of precious metals seem somewhat helpless and confused the general election in Greece dim out the investor's attention the focus of the market once again this evening the arrival of the Fed's rate decision whether to change, and Bernanke's speech behind the long-term monetary policy for the future continuation of OT2 or imply that the QE3 market participants forecasting have.
Office of the President of Greece, an official said Wednesday (June 20), the leaders of the Greek conservative New Democratic Party (NewDemocracy) Samaras (Karolos
Futura foreign currency: The euro continued to rise £ slowed down2012-06-25 22:06:34
Futura foreign currency: the euro continued to rise to £ slowed down British debt futures fell yesterday, due to progress in resolving the debt crisis in Europe is expected to heat, so that the pressure of the safe-haven assets, but the Bank of England to further boost is expected to buy British bonds long-term English debt. Among them, the September settlement price of the UK government bond futures fell 26 points, to 118.81, than German debt futures fell 87 points. To this end, analysts said the German debt is more sensitive to the development of the debt crisis in Europe and the United Kingdom will implement more quantitative easing policy is expected to support the English debt, before the British debt to outperform the German debt. According to the minutes of the June 6-7, 2009, published by the Bank of England policy meeting show that the bank will approve another
ECN Trade: Greece to form a new government the Fed continued to reverse2012-06-25 22:06:51
ECN Trade: Greece formation of the Federal Reserve of the new government to continue to reverse, Beijing on the 20th evening, the New Democratic Party, led by three political parties in the successful formation of a coalition government. This means that the Greek people will officially have the management of government duties. The three political parties to form a government for the New Democratic Party, the Panhellenic Socialist Party and the Democratic Left Party. The three main political parties has a total of 179 parliamentary seats, the New Democratic Party leader Anthony will serve as the new Prime Minister, the other two parties in the new government to obtain the corresponding office will. The three party leaders pledged to continue to stay in the euro area.
Greek election results euro
GAIN Capital: QE3 Fed to extend the distorted operation2012-06-25 22:06:13
GAIN Capital: QE3 Fed to extend to distort the operation, the U.S. Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) lowered the economic outlook and enable those who are looking forward to a new round of asset purchases disappointed investors, the dollar rise. The Fed does extend to distort the operation to end before the end of 2012 there will be $ 267 billion national debt will be swapped. The objective of this in reducing the yield of government bonds of longer duration. In a press conference after the meeting, Chairman Ben Bernanke said the Fed will consider further asset purchases. Remarks for the third round of quantitative easing (QE3) stay in the door. He stressed the fact that hedge funds flow to push down interest rates and added that
Greece's new government successfully set up to exit the crisis alert may be temporarily2012-06-25 22:06:46
Greece's new government successfully set up to exit the crisis alarm is temporarily over, June 20, Greece continued to the last two months of political chaos and finally near the end: by the New Democratic Party, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) and the Democratic Left Party a coalition government. New Democratic Party won the election on the 17th 席萨马拉斯 will serve as the new Prime Minister of Greece, the three parties in the 300 parliament will have 179 seats.
Greece form a new government within three days and successfully, and by the support of political parties of the EU/IMF aid agreement to exclude the risk of Greece leave the euro area in the short term, but long-term risks remain as the euro zone of instability
Advance overdraft loose2012-06-25 22:06:19
Advance overdraft loose, all eyes once again focused on the Fed.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 21 at 0.30 am, the Fed announced its latest monetary policy, 2:00 integer publish forecasts of interest rates, growth, inflation and unemployment; then 2:15, Bernanke will hold a press conference . Most Wall Street firms expect the Fed will extend at least to reverse the operation (OT).
The Fed's monetary policy decisions usually affect an important node in the global market trends. After the Federal Reserve launched two rounds of quantitative easing (QE) and OT have brought the global stock and commodity risk assets
The three parties agreed to the ruling coalition of the Greek crisis Xian Shuguang2012-06-25 22:06:35
The three parties agreed to a coalition of Greek crisis Xian Shuguang form a coalition government, the New Democratic Party, PASOK and the Democratic Left Party coalition conservative government in Parliament has an absolute majority of 179 seats, which can resist to reflexive radical left-wing coalition of fiscal austerity, a strong resistance force
After two days until the late-night negotiations, the Greek of the New Democratic Party leader Samaras finally in the afternoon of the 20th Meet the President and inform its has confirmed that the agreement was reached on forming a coalition government.
As of press time the reporter, the New Democratic Party, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), the democratic left
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