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Dear user, you are welcome to register and use the unite Directory web directory service.
In the registration and use before you carefully read the following Terms of Service:
Terms of Service by the user and the "owners search for" web directory (hereinafter referred to "unite Directory") on "unite Directory" services provided included the rights and obligations established by the relevant specifications. Therefore, please register as a "unite Directory" user before actually read all the contents of the Terms of Service, when you click agree button or custom, usage, acceptance of "unite Directory" Service is deemed to include have carefully read the terms agreed to accept the terms of service and is willing to be bound by all the norms, the terms of service to you and "unite Directory" are legally binding.
1, recognition and acceptance of the Terms of Service
"unite Directory" service included the ownership, operation and interpretation go "unite Directory" All. Services must be provided by the network in accordance with its published charter, terms of service and operating rules strictly enforced.
2 Services
"unite Directory" use their operating system through the Internet to provide users with various services, and this service is free. User must:
(1) to provide equipment, including a personal computer, a modem and the Internet with the device.
(2) Personal Internet access and pay for this service and phone charges. And the availability of this equipment by the users of personal, "unite Directory" This does not bear any responsibility.
Taking into account the "unite Directory" the importance of products and services, users agree to:
(1) provide timely, detailed and accurate personal information.
(2) update the registration information with timely, detailed and accurate requirements. All the original type of information will be used for registration information.
(3) "unite Directory" can not and will your information is untrue, inaccurate, or the failure to update your information, or because you lost your ID and password for any loss or damage caused by the responsibility. For upload false, pornographic pictures of members, we reserve the deleted pictures, forum message, terminate the membership, the right to pursue legal responsibilities
In addition, the user can authorize "unite Directory" networks reveal their registration information to third parties, or "unite Directory" can not open the user's name, address, the pieces address, e-mail account. Unless:
(1) user requirements "unite Directory" or a person authorized to disclose such information by e-mail service.
(2) the corresponding laws, regulations and procedures for service needs to "unite Directory" provides the user's personal information.
If you provide inaccurate information, false, not valid, "unite Directory" keep users "unite Directory" of services. Users enjoy "unite Directory" of services, agreed to "unite Directory" with a range of information services.
3, amend the terms of service
"unite Directory" will be necessary to modify the terms of service, "unite Directory" terms of service in case of changes, the network will use the user enters the next step before the pages prompted changes. If you agree with the changes, once again activate the "I agree" button. If you do not accept, then cancel your service for users.
Users to continue using "unite Directory" of the confirmation service requires both:
(1) first make sure "unite Directory" terms of service and its changes.
(2) agree to accept all the terms of service restrictions.
4, Service Amendment
"unite Directory" reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service without notifying the user rights. User acceptance of "unite Directory" to exercise the right to modify or discontinue the service, "unite Directory" without the user or any third party.
5, user privacy system
Respect for personal privacy is "unite Directory" is a basic policy. Therefore, as the second point above analysis of the personal registration information to add, "unite Directory" will not open, edit, or disclose the user's registration information and stored in the "unite Directory" services in the non-public, unless the "unite Directory "in good faith on the basis that the information disclosed in the following conditions are necessary:
(1) comply with the law, including inquiries in the relevant state authorities to provide users "unite Directory" web page content and information posted on the release time, the Internet address or domain name.
(2) to comply with "unite Directory" products and services program.
(3) maintain "unite Directory" of the trademark owner.
(4) In case of emergency to safeguard personal privacy and public safety.
(5) the provisions under section 11 or "unite Directory" under other circumstances deemed necessary. User hereby authorize "unite Directory" to their e-mail to send commercial messages.
6, user accounts, passwords and security
Once you have successfully registered as a user, you will receive a password and account. If you do not protect your account and password to you, "unite Directory" or third-party damage, you will bear full responsibility. In addition, each user must account fully responsible for all activities and events. You can always change your password and icons, you can also end the old account open a new account. Users agree that if any illegal use of account or other breach of security, immediate notice "unite Directory".
7, refused to provide guarantees
User expressly agrees the use of network services by the user pick individual risk. Service delivery is built on a free basis. "unite Directory" expressly does not provide any type of guarantee, whether explicit or implicit, but the commercial implied warranties, does not violate a specific purpose and except under the appropriate security. "unite Directory" does not guarantee the services must meet the requirements of users, not the security services will not be interrupted, the timeliness of service, security, mistakes do not occur as collateral security. "unite Directory" refused to provide any security, including whether the information is accurate, timely and smooth delivery. Users understand and accept the download or "unite Directory" products and services of any of the information depends on the users themselves, by their commitment to system damage or data loss of all risks and responsibilities. "unite Directory" has been in the service of any goods online shopping service or transaction process, not guaranteed. Users are not from the "unite Directory" received verbal or written advice or information, "unite Directory" would not be here for the express warranty.
8, limited liability
(1) "unite Directory" for direct, indirect, incidental, special and damage from the irresponsible, the damage from: improper use of products and services, on-line purchase of goods or similar services, online transactions, illegal use of services or users to send information to change. The damage will lead to "unite Directory" damaged the image, so the "unite Directory" has already raised the possibility of such damage.
(2) "unite Directory" for this service under the covered inside and outside the basic telecom operators, mobile network failure, technical defects, coverage restrictions, force majeure, computer viruses, hacker attacks, user location, user shutdown or other non- "unite Directory" a matter within the scope of technical capacity caused by service interruptions due to other users to send short message content is lost, garbled, error received, can not receive, the delay is not guaranteed to receive
(3) The user agrees to "unite Directory" to any others, threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal content or conduct or violations of rights (including intellectual property) is not liable; and on sent through the service any third party and / or service any content contained is not responsible for
9, does not provide retail and commercial services
Users to "unite Directory" of the services is a personal right. Users can only be a single entity and not a network of business organization or entity. Users without a commitment "unite Directory" agree, can not use "unite Directory" to sell the services or other commercial purposes.
10, user management Individual users assume responsibility for the contents. Users of the service using the service in accordance with all applicable local laws, national laws and international legal standards. User agrees to:
(1) "unite Directory" information posted on the website or the use of "unite Directory" of the service must comply with the relevant Chinese laws and regulations (part of the regulations see Appendix), shall not "unite Directory" web page, or use "unite Directory" service production, copy, publish, transmit the following information:
(A) against the Constitution established the basic principles;
(B) jeopardize national security, leaking state secrets, subverts the government, undermining national unity;
(C) harm national honor and interests;
(D) to incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;
(E) damage to national and religious policies or preach evil cults and feudal superstition;
(F) spread rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability;
(G) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes;
(H) insult or slander others, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests;
(I) contains the laws and administrative regulations prohibit the other content.
(2) "unite Directory" information posted on the website or the use of "unite Directory" services must also comply with other relevant national and regional laws and relevant provisions of international law.
(3) does not use "unite Directory" service in the following activities:
(A) unauthorized access to computer information networks or use the computer information network resources;
(B) without the permission of the computer information network functions to delete, modify or increase;
(C) without the permission of access to computer information network, storage, processing or transmission of data and applications to delete, modify or increase;
(D) intentionally spreading computer viruses and other destructive programs;
(E) Other hazards computer information network security.
(4) does not in any way interfere with "unite Directory" service. Not for the service, and the service servers or networks connected to create disturbance, confusion, or in violation of the service's network connection to any requirements, procedures, policies or rules, or "unite Directory" reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility and a the right to submit to the relevant department;
(5) users need on their online behavior of legal liability. If the user "unite Directory" on the spread and dissemination of indecent words, reactionary, pornographic or other violation of state laws, regulations or policies of the information, "unite Directory" of the system may be recorded as the user against the law of evidence;
(6) to comply with "unite Directory" all other provisions and procedures.
Users need for their own use of "unite Directory" service during bear legal responsibility. Users understand that if "unite Directory" found its Web site clearly belongs on the transmission of information-paragraph (1) one of the elements listed, according to Chinese law, "unite Directory" is obliged to immediately stop the transmission, keep the relevant records to the relevant state authorities report, and delete content that contains the address of the directory server on or off. If the user's behavior does not meet the above mentioned terms of service, "unite Directory" will make an independent judge to immediately abolish user services account.
11, to protect
Users agree to protect and maintain the "unite Directory" interests of all members, responsible for the payment by the user beyond the scope of services due to legal fees, violating terms of service, compensation for damage to other users who use the computer, account and other intellectual property rights of recourse fee. 12, the end of service Users or "unite Directory" can interrupt service at any time according to actual situation. "unite Directory" without any personal or third party at any time interrupt service. Users who object to any terms of service change or modify the terms of the later objections, or "unite Directory" dissatisfied with their service, the user only the following recourse:
(1) no longer use "unite Directory" service.
(2) the end user "unite Directory" service qualifications.
(3) notice "unite Directory" to stop the user's service.
End user services, user "unite Directory" right to immediately suspend the service. Since then, "unite Directory" is no longer any obligation for the user.
13, the circular
All notices can be sent to users via e-mail or regular mail delivery. "unite Directory" service by e-mail message to the user transmitters, tell them the terms of service changes, service changes, or other important things. At the same time, "unite Directory" reserves the right to apply for the free internet favorites users the right to put commercial ads.
14, participate in ad planning
In the "unite Directory" permits users can add their information published in promotional materials or advertising campaign, in the "unite Directory" on the free service to display their products. Any such promotional methods, including the transport of goods, payment, services, business conditions, warranties and advertising-related description are only in the appropriate users and advertisers between vendors. "unite Directory" does not assume any responsibility, "unite Directory" has no obligation to bear any part of such advertising sales responsibility.
15, ownership of the content
Content is defined to include: text, software, sound, photographs, video, graphics; the entire contents of the advertisement; e-mail the entire contents; "unite Directory" virtual community service to provide users with business information. All of these content are protected by copyright, trademarks, labels and other property ownership laws. Therefore, the user can "unite Directory" and advertisers authorization to use such content, but not unauthorized copying, recycled content, or create content-related derivative products.
16, the legal
Users and "unite Directory" agreed on the agreement for the use of "unite Directory" service disputes arising out of, "unite Directory" right to choose the admissibility of the proceedings of the court of competent jurisdiction. The validity and interpretation of the terms of service are applicable PRC laws. If any part of the Terms of Service and the People's Republic of conflict with the law, some provisions of the law should be re-interpreted, some re-interpretation of the terms of the invalid or does not affect the other provisions of the law.
17, "unite Directory" pass the information contained in the storage and security services
"unite Directory" for all services will try to pass on to maintain their safety and convenience, but the service appears to delete or failure to store information does not assume any responsibility. In addition, we keep the user's behavior to determine whether the "unite Directory" terms of service requirements the right to pass if the user violates the terms of service, the service will be interrupted their permit account.
18, young users, especially tips
Young users must comply with the National Youth Network Civilization Convention:
E-learning to be good, not from bad information; to be honest and friendly communication, fraud is not an insult to others; to enhance self-protection awareness, involuntary dating friends; to maintain network security, does not destroy the network order; be wholesome, not addicted to the virtual space .
19, account frozen, del. If the user is not logged for 90 days, "unite Directory", account will be frozen; account frozen for 30 days, the frozen account will not be a normal landing;
In the 30-day freeze period, if the user did not account thaw, the freeze period, the account number, user information and related data will be deleted and not recoverable.
Please refer to "unite Directory" to help on account of freezing, remove the policy.
20, users of services or any portion of any part of the terms of service of comments and suggestions through the customer service department and "unite Directory" link, contact details are as follows:
Service E-mail:
You only have to unconditionally accept all of the above terms of service, in order to continue to apply
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